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Hi there, I'm Sydney

Here's a bit about me:

I was born and raised in Maryland - so yes, I love the state flag and picking crabs. But I grew up vacationing in Lewes, Delaware, so it became my place of peace on Earth - and now it's my home, where I live with my handsome blue nose pitbull, Chino. I am an only child of two amazing, loving, and supportive parents. Our family is mixed race, which has really informed the way I see the world. Things are rarely just black and white. Most things, like me, are both!

I was raised in the sport of gymnastics, which also heavily influenced who I am. My experience in the sport gave me a healthy and balanced understanding of taking care of my body physically, and it taught me great discipline. Not to mention the lifelong friends it provided for whom I am forever grateful. But gymnastics also enforced the concept of perfectionism - striving for a perfect 10 - and introduced me to immense pressure to perform well and win. Both of which I'm still working on releasing.

But at 16 years old, I listened to my intuition (perhaps for the first time!) and said goodbye to the sport. I quickly found my way to cheerleading, which allowed me to express my bubbly personality and root people on in a way that felt natural to me. I was honored to be a part of the co-ed cheerleading team at the University of Delaware and am forever a proud Blue Hen! 

After college, I found my way to the event planning industry and supported various types of events for over six years. The disciplined, overachieving, perfectionist traits were put to very good use. I enjoyed the energy of in-person events, and I liked using my detail-oriented and organization skills to execute a vision. But this work began to feel draining and stressful as my personal life became harder. So, let me fill you in on that. 


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Engagement photos, July 2022

Photo of Sydney, seated in big comfy wooden chair, laughing
Sydney, seated in big comfy wooden chair with coffee mug, smiling

Photography by B.K. Dawson, taken at ebb + flow holistic spa

The love that led me here

I found my way to life coaching through my experience of loving and losing my fiancé, Tyler, so it's important to me to share our story. 

We started dating in high school - April 2012. Tyler was the charming and kind captain of the football team and I was enamored. He had a way of making everyone in his presence feel seen and important. His energy was magnetizing, and I felt lucky to be chosen and loved by him. 

Like many relationships in college, we struggled to love each other and balance life in a healthy way, so we went our separate ways for a while. But we rekindled in fall of 2015, and our relationship was even stronger from having experienced growth independently. 

We moved in together in 2018, and everything was peachy. Until the pandemic hit. In April 2020, I found out that Tyler had been struggling with addiction. I will never know how long he had been suffering in secret, but I suspect it had been quite a while. The next 2+ years proved to be extremely challenging and heartbreaking. 

I watched as addiction stole Tyler from himself, and this is really when my grief began. His shame and guilt, perpetuated by the stigma, slowly deteriorated his light. Though it did briefly return through his hard work and the support he found in Narcotics Anonymous. During this time, we were able to celebrate a milestone we'd worked really hard for together. We got engaged in June 2022. 

Devastatingly, Tyler died of a drug overdose just 7 weeks after our engagement. The heartache is unlike anything else. Losing the love of my life has changed me forever, but my biggest shift has been embracing the version I am becoming on this side of loss. I have realized that I feel deep pain only because I know great love, so both are gifts in this life.  

Through this journey and life coaching process, I have created purpose from my grief. And the peace and alignment I feel living in this purpose every day is what I want to share with you. Our trials and tribulations are catalysts for growth and evolution if we allow them to be. And I am grateful every day for the opportunity to honor Tyler in creating something meaningful from the fullness of my heartache. 

Everything I do now, the way I live my life, is because of him. I approach life and lead with the love he gave me, which has allowed me to shift from darkness to light. And the world around me is more beautiful, thanks to him. 🤍 


B.A. in Communications, University of Delaware 

Certified Life Coach, IAPCC

Certified Grief Coach, IOPGC

Certified Life & Health Coach, Health Coach Institute

Currently pursuing a Masters degree in Social Work, Salisbury University


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