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Shift Life Coaching Owner, Sydney, seated headshot with greenery in background; smiling; wearing green pants and white top

Photography by B.K. Dawson, taken in the town of Lewes

Grief | Healing | Wellness

Helping you make a shift and move forward.

What is
Shift Life
all about?

The foundation is connection, understanding, and support. As a certified grief, health, and life coach, my mission is to meet you exactly where you are and guide you to where you want to go. Whether life has thrown you a curve ball, or you are ready to take the reins to create the change for yourself, my hope is to ensure you never feel alone on your path, and you are empowered to build a lifestyle that helps you thrive. I, too, am on an evolving healing journey and my coaching style mirrors the reciprocation of being on this journey together. I'm deeply grateful to walk alongside you.

Hi there, I'm Sydney

I'm glad you're here.

Think of me as your trusty front seat passenger on the road trip of life - the one who keeps track of the directions to make sure you don't miss a turn, who always stays awake with you, who pumps you up with good tunes. Because I know it can feel isolating and scary behind the wheel of an unknown road, especially when it gets bumpy. 

After losing my fiancé, Tyler, I struggled to find any light ahead of me. On top of excruciating grief, I felt like a totally different person and the road I was traveling no longer felt right. But I felt stuck and unsure where to turn, so I continued driving the same road. Until I finally chose to allow my grief to change me and my life. 

This was my shift.

When I accepted change and redefined who I am and what is important to me, I discovered a different road with alignment and purpose. One that allows me to honor Tyler every day by driving with the heart that has been forever shaped by him.

It's the road that has led me here to support you.

Headshot of Sydney, standing on stairs, dressed in beige blazer. Smiling.

Photography by B.K. Dawson, taken in the town of Lewes

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